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W3IRD Performance

2009-Current EZ Remove Rear Fender Kit

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2009-Current EZ Remove Rear Fender Kit

This kit was designed to allow easy removal of 2009 - Current H-D Touring rear fenders. 

From the factory the fender is sandwiched between a threaded spacer and a nut that sneaks into position from the bottom. This makes the fender very difficult to remove when the wheel is on the bike. It makes it even more difficult when the bike has a drop rail kit on it that holds batteries and/or amps under the tail. 

This kit allows you to install and remove the fender from the top. It also allows you to fine tune the location vertically and horizontally of aftermarket fenders so they line up perfectly with the bags. The kit includes a stainless steel plate that goes on the inside of the fiberglass fender and when you have it positioned perfectly you drill two holes and rivet the plate in the ideal location. The plate also strengthens the fender and is a much stronger mounting solution than the factory bolts. 

You can even loosen the front two mount bolts, completely remove the rear two mount bolts and lift the fender up to access batteries and/or amps under the tail quickly with more room. 

The kit includes:

  • 2 Stainless Steel Fender Plates w/ weld nuts
  • 4 frame spacer clips 
  • 4 Bolts / Washers
  • 4 Rivets