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W3IRD Performance

2009-Current Harley-Davidson Touring Layframe Frame Pads

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2009-Current Harley-Davidson Touring Layframe Frame Pads

These are Layframe Frame Pads that are CNC machined out of Delrin.

The bottom of a 2009-Current H-D Touring Frame is not flat. When you set the frame on the ground the welds at the rear of the frame make the frame sit higher in the back than the front. While the angle is very noticeable. It causes the bags to have a reverse rake, effectively making the rear of the bike look much higher than the front. 

When you use these pads you can get your layframe to sit much sturdier and it actually looks lower. We offer these in 1/8" increments from 1/4" thick up to 3/4" thick. 

When used correctly the bike will become a "tripod." The weight of the bike will end up on these two pads and the front wheel. This allows you to play with the angle of the frame by sliding the forks up and down which helps with getting gaps right and not having the chin spoiler or front of the frame dig into the ground. 

The weld at the rear of the frame is roughly ~3/16" Thick so you are effectively only raising he bike 1/16" of an inch when using the smallest version. 

Each kit comes with two pads and four 10-32 Allen Button Head Screws. 

To install you will line the pad up on the bottom of the frame against the rear weld and drill / tap two 10-32 holes on each side. Then you screw the frame to the bike using blue loctite and you are good to go!