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2014-Current H-D Touring Air Ride / Center Stand Dash Switches

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2014-Current H-D Touring Air Ride / Center Stand Dash Switches

These are toggle switches that mount in the empty switch spots on the ignition cover on 2014-2023 Harley-Davidson Street Glide and Road Glide models. They hold three switches. Two momentary toggles for front and rear air ride and one reverse polarity toggle switch for an electric center stand. These switches will work with any electronic air ride valve on the market and any electric center stand on the market. 

We have taken a lot of the guess work and wiring frustration out of the air ride /center stand install for you with these because they are pre-wired. The switches come with OE waterproof plugs so if you need to remove the ignition cover you can unplug it easily. This also allows you to be able to replace the switches if they ever go bad with no cutting. 

The air ride wiring comes with enough wiring to run down the backbone of the bike under the fuel tank to the battery area, There are 5 wires which colors match up to Dirty Air wiring. Orange - Rear Up / Red - Rear Down / White - Front Up / Green - Front Down / Blue - Switched 12v Ignition. 

The center stand wiring comes 100% plug-n-play with MRI or AFK electronic center stands. It comes with a fused 12v positive that goes direct to battery, a ground wire that goes direct to battery, and a two wire plug that will plug into MRI or AFK stands. 

This switch can also be paired with a front and rear air ride w/ center stand, rear air ride only, or rear air ride w/ center stand. Send us an email for package pricing! 

If you are looking for custom switch options such as On/Off, Ride Height Repeater, or just want one or two switches instead of three, send us an email as well. We can create any combination to meet your needs!