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  • 2018 Road Glide with 18x5.5 Front Wheel
  • 2017 Road King with 21 x 3.5" Front Wheel
  • 2017 Road King with 18x3.5" Wheel
  • W3D / AFK Neck - W3D / AS Trees - W3D Short Fork Tubes
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W3IRD Performance

H-D Touring 'Small Wheel' Layframe Package

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This package includes everything you need to layframe a 2009-Current H-D Touring Bike with a factory sized overall diameter wheel. These wheels would be; 18x3.5", 19x3.5", 21x3.5" and 18x5.5".

Included parts:

  • W3D / AFK Factory Rake Short Neck
  • W3D / AS Factory Rake Short Neck Trees
  • W3D Shortened 49mm Fork Tubes
  • W3D Modular 49mm Fork Caps
  • W3D Layframe Swing Arm
  • W3D Layframe Fail Safe
  • W3D Delrin Layframe Feet
  • Rear Subframe Cross Member Cut Template

Optional parts:

  • Dirty Air 5" Layframe Billet Shocks
  • Dirty Air Complete Air Ride Kit
  • W3D Fender Risers for Factory Metal Rear Fender

Suggested parts not included: (Contact us to include)

  • 16" Rear Wheel
  • 180/60/16 80H Rear Tire

This package was designed to keep the factory touring profile while slamming the entire frame to the ground. The neck height stays very close to the factory neck height because you are gaining the wheel clearance with the short neck. The neck is slightly longer than stock which gives the room needed to turn the wheel without hitting the frame and allows for the fitment of chin spoilers. 

It is a full package for 2014-2023 touring bikes. If you have a 2009-2013 bike you will need 2014+ lower fork legs. If you want a complete package send us an email and we can supply all the parts needed to change your 41mm forks to 49mm. 

Do you need the optional parts? If you already have an air ride kit you likely have 4" rear shocks. Our swing arm is designed to work with 5" shocks so you get the proper ride height while still having top out room so you don't catch air on big bumps. If you are starting from scratch and do not have air ride already you can get the entire kit with the package. If you plan to do an aftermarket fiberglass rear fender you will need to clearance it for the layframe. Some aftermarket fenders already have clearance. Send us an email with the rear end kit you plan to run and we can advise. If you are keeping the factory rear fender you will need the fender risers. 

Lastly, our swing arm is designed around 16" rear wheels with 180/60/16 80H tires. We have found this to be the least intrusive way to layframe 09-Current touring bikes. Larger tires and 18" wheels cause interference with the rear subframe cross member, battery tray, fender and brake caliper so we highly recommend against using anything but 16" wheel and the listed tire. We can also supply wheel and tire packages to make sure you get the right parts! 

Street Glide and Road King applications may require nacelle / lower trim piece modification depending on final height and parts. Or you have the option to use a short neck fairing / nacelle if you have one of those models.

Road Glide will need custom fairing mount which we can help with as well.

Send us an email if you have any questions or you would like to put together a full kit with wheels / body parts / etc.