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W3IRD Performance

Sealed Bag Speaker / Subwoofer Backing Plate Mounts

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W3IRD Performance Speaker Backing Plate Mounts

These are backing plates for mounting speakers in sealed bags. They are CAD drawn and laser cut from 60601 T6 Aluminum to be a perfect fit for your exact speakers or subwoofers. These ensure that your bags are truly sealed and will allow you to remove / replace your speakers without worrying about loose threaded inserts or breaking your fiberglass mounting surface. Great for competition bikes that see a lot of maintenance! 

Each plate has 4 holes for mounting speakers so you can utilize all the holes on the speaker. It also has two holes for locating and holding the plates to the saddlebag for easy installation / removal of the speaker. 

Being made out of aluminum makes them easy to trim / modify if you have bracing in the way without having to repaint or coat them. If you feel you would like a Steel or Stainless Steel version send us an email and we can make that happen too. 

Each kit comes with everything to mount two speakers:

  • Qty 4: Backing Plates
  • Qty 16: Speaker Bolts
  • Qty 8: Backing Plate Locating Bolts
  • Qty 2: Drill Templates for marking bags

*Important! When ordering please include the exact speaker model number you plan to use them on so you get the right ones!*

Lead Time: 5 - 10 business days to ship!