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W3IRD Performance

Turning Road Glide Fairing Mount for Tunneled Fairings

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Turning Road Glide Fairing Mount for Tunneled Fairings

This is a fairing mount for a Harley-Davidson Road Glide that makes the fairing turn with the wheel like a Street Glide. 

These are mainly used on aftermarket fairings for big wheel baggers that have been tunneled to keep the fender and fairing from making contact on large bumps or when airing the bike down. 

These brackets are MADE TO ORDER. We ship you a bracket to mount on your bike and give us measurements so that the fairing sits exactly the way you want it to. This keeps all gaps tight and allows us to make the bracket specific to your tunneled fairing / wheel size. Turn around time is typically 3-4 weeks. It takes about a week to ship you the mock up bracket and get your measurements and from there its about 2 weeks to draw, cut and weld the bracket. 

If you want a custom bracket that does NOT turn we can also do frame mounted versions as well. Send an email if you are interested in a frame mounted version. 

We can also add holes to mount tweeters in the bracket. Send an email for custom options like this.