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W3IRD Performance

Universal Plug-n-Play Air Ride / Center Stand Swithches

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Already have air ride and a center stand on your bike and want to add either Evil Iron Dash Switches or AFK Switches above the horn? We got you covered! 

This kit is as close to plug n play as you can get without us having your air ride in house. 

It comes with OE plugs that connect to your bike so you do not have to splice into your factory harness. It also has a plug so you can remove your dash easily without unscrewing the switches. 

It comes with the plug to connect directly to an MRI center stand. If you have another brand center stand please contact us and we can work with you. 

To complete the install of this product you will need to make 4 or 5 connections.

Front Air Up

Front Air Down

Rear Air Up

Rear Air Down

Air Ride Switched Positive (optional - your air ride might already be connected this way)